John D. O'Bryant Boston Tech Alumni Association

Paul Mullins, Vice President

Paul graduated from John D O'Bryant in 1995 and then attended Northeastern University where he pursued leadership studies and Business Management

Francis Pina, President

After graduating from John D. O'Bryant, Francis went on to study Economics at Boston University. When he graduated from Boston University Francis went on to attain his Master's degree in Secondary Education and Teaching.

President's Address

Javonna Green, Public Relations Chair

After graduating from John D. O'Bryant in 2011, Javonna went on to attend the University of Massachusetts Lowell where she studied Accounting and Economics. 

Bora Broka, Treasurer

Upon graduating from John D. O'Bryant high school in 2005, Bora enrolled at Northeastern University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance. Bora continued on to get her Masters of Business Administration from Northeastern as well.

Hello my fellow Boston Tech and John D. O’Bryant Alumni. My name is Francis Pina, Class of 2005, and I am the current President of the John D. O’Bryant / Boston Tech Alumni Association (herein referred to as the Association). Our Association started as a brain-child of fellow alums Cynthia Fernandez, Greg Gamble, and then current O’Bryant Principal Mr. Stembridge. Due to their efforts, and support from other fellow alumni like Chikaelo Ibeabuchi, we have a legally registered 501c Non-Profit alumni association. 

            My initial interests in the Alumni Association came from planning my class’ 5-year-reunion. I wanted some help and wondered if the John D. O’Bryant had an alumni association. Although I found out that there was one, it was defunct at the time. This is when I decided to get involved. I was able to use the momentum of planning my 5-year reunion and revitalized the Association. We now had a logo, an action plan, and reworked By-Laws. However, my first run with the Association was not successful.

            I learned three key things from my first run with the Association. I learned that the division between the alumni was strong, as they not only continued to meet-up within their social groups, but Boston Tech alumni did not feel connected to the new name, new building, new staff, and new history of the John D. O’Bryant. I learned that the school did not do a good job remaining connected with alumni as their administration has been in constant transition over the last 16 years. The last thing I learned was that I needed to find support. Despite the lack of cohesion between alumni and the school, there were and are many alumni who want to be connected, who had family and/or friends who attend(ed) the O’Bryant, and who are willing to support. Some of those alumni may be reading this message right now. I took a two-year hiatus from the Association and after reflecting on my initial efforts, these lessons, and earning my Ed.M in Secondary Mathematics, I decided to give it another go. 

            Today the Association stands with support from alumni, the current O’Bryant Principal (2nd year Headmaster) Ms. Gittens, other O’Bryant staff, and friends. Today the Association can move forward to realize the dreams of its alumni. Like the dream of supporting current students at the O’Bryant. Like the dream of connecting alumni with each other through events. Like the dream of ensuring that the O’Bryant is not just a school in Boston, but the school in Boston. Without the dreams of past headmasters, teaching staff, and students who attended Mechanic Arts, Boston Tech, and the O’Bryant, where would we have been after graduation? We not only owe our successes and blessings from our hardwork, sacrifice, grit, family, and friends, but we also owe it to those who paved the way before us. Today the Association stands and will only continue to do so with alumni support; with your support.

            I thank you for taking the time to read this address. None of this work would have been possible without those alumni who founded this Association and the current Executive Committee members who help me to keep it going. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger.

Much Love,

Francis Pina



Executive Committee Members