Our Mission

The Association is organized for charitable and educational purposes, including, but not limited to building and maintaining relationships among alumni and friends, preserving the mission and excellence of the John D. O'Bryant High School. The Association shall also serve as an effective model of a successful public school-private association partnership.

A. Support the John D. O'Bryant High School to serve Boston effectively as an all- city, college preparatory high school with a curriculum grounded primarily in academic study.

B. Maintain close contact with the John D. O'Bryant and Boston Technical alumni and with the School itself.

C. Solicit funding thru emails, individual mailings, corporate solicitations to sponsor and promote activities, through reunions, mentorship programs, and fundraising activities.

D. Receive contributions in the forms of gifts, bequests, and dues to carry out its purposes and activities for the John D. O'Bryant High School. Such as but not limited to: donating money for computers, school supplies, sports equipment, etc.

E. Maintain up-to-date rosters of the Association membership, and keep the membership informed of activities relating to the Association and to the School.

F. Provide scholarships.

G. Engage in research, study, and recordation of the history of the John D. O’Bryant High School, its faculty, and students.